Modal – Obsidian EP

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Modal’s latest EP, “Obsidian,” is a stunning display of atmospheric, chilled, and ambient Drum & Bass, showcasing his exceptional production skills and unique style. Featuring four tracks, “Reaching Out For You,” “Obsidian,” “Continent,” and “Invisible,” the EP is set to be released on John B’s Beta Recordings label, and is a must-have for any fan of the genre.

With a passion for Drum & Bass that dates back to the mid/late 90s, Modal has honed his craft as a DJ, recording engineer, and music producer, also working on music for film & TV. His latest work on “Obsidian” showcases his desire to push the boundaries of the genre and provide a fresh perspective while still acknowledging its foundation. Modal’s use of irregular time signatures, keys, and arrangements takes the music in exciting new directions, while still retaining the classic sounds of the genre.

“Obsidian” is just the beginning of Modal’s journey, with a whole collection of music scheduled for release this year. As one of the most exciting producers on the scene today, Modal’s unique approach to Drum & Bass is sure to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience “Obsidian” and discover the magic of Modal’s music for yourself.

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