Thystle – Bright Eyes

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Beta Recordings is excited to announce the release of the beautiful ‘Bright Eyes’ by the fresh & exciting new signing Thystle.

The Edinburgh-born producer’s journey began back in 2008 when she pursued her passion for music at University in Hertfordshire. Since then, she has contributed with dedication to the Drum & Bass scene, orbiting around its pulsating rhythm and energy.

Thystle’s musical career officially took flight in 2021 with her weekly production livestreams on Twitch, offering an impressive showcase of her exceptional talent. These streams have earned her a devoted fan base and have allowed her to connect with enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

The release of ‘Bright Eyes’ follows the success of the independently produced and released EP: ‘Patchwork Tapestries’. The six-track EP gathered widespread recognition and praise, securing features on renowned platforms such as Galacy, Ledge Sounds, and an exclusive interview with Inside DnB.

Continuing her rise to prominence, Thystle is currently engrossed in working on a selection of future releases, and has just released the highly anticipated remix of Zak Meow’s latest single ‘Throw Away’ featuring REEBZ on Imagine Audio.

‘Bright Eyes’ is the latest addition to Thystle’s growing discography, and it exemplifies her penchant for crafting hypnotic melodies and infectious beats. The track promises an atmospheric, melodic, and uplifting liquid DNB experience that is bound to resonate with DNB aficionados and music enthusiasts alike.

For the latest updates on Thystle’s music and upcoming releases, follow her on social media and tune in to her weekly livestreams.

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