John B – The Arena

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Renowned Drum & Bass pioneer John B returns with ‘The Arena,’ an immense Rock/Metal DNB anthem celebrating the upcoming launch of (John B’s favourite game) Escape from Tarkov: “Arena”.

Immersed in the hype for the much-anticipated launch of Tarkov’s new ‘competitive’ PVP game “Arena” John B’s new track takes a serious melodic metal Drum & Bass anthem direction, with a huge cinematic intro with layers of electric guitars, tribal drums, stadium cheers, and original live Vocals, written by John B and performed my Ilya Mirosh. The song drops with determined power into a solid DNB club banger but with crisp & mature production & maintaining the uplifting energy from the vocals & metal guitar riffs.

John is a huge fan of the game ‘Escape From Tarkov’ and has previously recorded several tracks connected to the game, most recently ‘The Killada’ for the legendary Australian content creator Pestily – which has now had over 500K streams. The developers at BSG noticed & even awarded John the rare honour of his own ‘streamer item’ in game – the ‘John B Liquid DNB sunglasses’ which you can wear on your character in-game!

John regularly streams on twitch playing Tarkov & also performs DJ sets with incredible visual set-ups devoted to the game, with stages set up in familiar locations from Tarkov. Several online launch party events to promote the release are planned.

Interest in ‘The Arena’ is set to be huge – chatter on socials in the Escape From Tarkov community shows epic amounts of hype, (the official cinematic trailer video for the song helping with that) and alongside promotional co-operation with the developers behind the game & all the various esports tournaments happening in the future we expect this one to be massive.

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