LOMA – Sakura / The Back Rooms

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John B’s Beta Recordings is proud to present dual-track release, “Sakura” & “The Back Rooms”, from rising-star, DJ and producer, LOMA.

Hailing from the pulsating heart of the Bristol underground music scene, with a prolific journey through the industry staring in 2016, LOMA boasts an impressive discography, including releases on renowned labels such as Dispatch Recordings, Off-Licence Records, Drippy boiii and Something System. These collaborations have solidified LOMA’s reputation as an artist who not only embraces the dark and atmospheric aspects of drum & bass but also constantly experiments with new sounds and production techniques to push his drum and bass to unexplored territories.

LOMA’s signature sound can be described as a fusion of hypnotic atmospheres, ethereal synths, and carefully curated vocal elements. His music incorporates influences from various musical styles while preserving the core essence of drum & bass. LOMA’s tracks possess an uncanny ability to strike a perfect balance between sonic intensity and emotional depth.

“Sakura” sets the tone with hauntingly beautiful melodies juxtaposed against gritty basslines, creating an otherworldly fusion of light and shadow showcasing a masterful command of dark, ambient, and atmospheric landscapes. In Loma’s words: ”Sakura was inspired by a few tracks I heard on Samurai Music. I wanted to capture how the tracks made me feel the first time I heard them. I love reverb and space and I think I’ve captured that in Sakura”.

On the flip side, “The Back Rooms” features precision-engineered percussion and evocative synths converging to construct an atmospheric opus that is both foreboding and magnetic. The track was the result of LOMA’s further experimentation with breaks and reverb. Eerie synths and intricate percussion build an atmosphere that is both foreboding and irresistible, inviting you to explore the uncharted territories of sound.

Beyond mere compositions, “Sakura” and “The Back Rooms” stand as testament to LOMA’s commitment to redefining contemporary drum & bass. These tracks encapsulate the genre’s darker tonalities while maintaining a sophisticated, atmospheric ethos, showcasing Bristol’s rich musical heritage.

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